Casey Neistat Net Worth (Youtuber,Vlogger)

Casey Neistat Net Worth

Casey Neistat was born on March 25, 1981 in United States.He is youtuber,flimmaker and a vlogger.Casey Neistat Net Worth in 2018 was $12 million.He was only 17 years old when he had first child.he and his wife lived in a trailer park until he got 20 years old.He was living on a couple of squares from the World Trade Center in the Tribeca neighborhood amid the September 11 assaults in 2001, which he later expressed was the “scariest day of my life” in a vlog distributed on YouTube when media occupant Condé Nast employed him as a brief model at their home office in the better and brighter One World Trade Center. Neistat is the co-founder of the company  Beme.

Casey Neistat Net Worth

NameCasey Owen Neistat
Date of birthMarch 25, 1981
Subscribers9.5 Million
youtube views2.2 Billion
Hair colorDark brown
Eye colorDark brown
Material statusMarried

Personal Life

Casey Neistat ran off with Candice Pool, wedding her in Houston, Texas. This marriage endured about a month and finished with an invalidation. On February 18, 2013, Neistat wound up connected to Candice Pool once more, who is highlighted in a significant number of his movies. On December 29, 2013, Candice and Casey were hitched in Cape Town, South Africa. Together they have a little girl named Francine.

His grandma Louise Neistat (conceived Louise Celice Grossman), was a tap artist and one of the Radio City Music Hall’s Rockettes amid World War II. In 2004, Casey coordinated a video in which his grandma made the “world’s most noteworthy french toast” and conveyed it to his child, Owen.

On October 31, 2011, Casey Neistat posted a four-minute short film on YouTube about his grandma. The video opens with Casey asking his grandma what number of more years she supposes she will put on her yearly tap move appear, at that point between cuts different press clippings from her proficient existence with film from her latest tap move appear; the focal point of her achievements being the cash her tap moving has raised for growth look into related philanthropies. The video was tweeted by YouTube’s legitimate Twitter handle and showed up on various news and viral video sites including the Huffington Post. 22 days after the video was posted, Louise passed on of common causes at 92 years old; Neistat kept in touch with her tribute and conveyed the commendation.Today Casey Neistat Net Worth is $12 million.


Casey Neistat Net Worth

2015$12 Million
2016$13 Million
2017$14 Million
2018$12 Million

Casey Neistat Facts

  1. Casey Neistat married at the age of 17.
  2. Neistat never attended university.
  3. He was working as a dishwasher in a Seafood Restaurant.
  4. His girlfriend dumped him and he moved to Nyc.
  5. He is a Famous Youtuber.
  6. He will soon Reach 10 million Subscribers.