Courtney Stodden Net Worth

Courtney Stodden Net Worth

Courtney Stoden is an American model and a singer who has appeared on several reality TV shows. She is also the current wife of actor Doug Hutchinson and has been in the news about her relationship with her. He is also known for the animal rights championship and is a spokesman for PETA. Courtney Stodden net worth is $500 thousand.

Courtney Stodden Important Information

NameCourtney Stoden
Date of birthAugust 29, 1994
Professionmodel and a singer

Early life

Courtney Stodden, whose full name is Courtney Alexis Stodden, was born in Washington, United States on August 29, 1994. His parents are Alex John Stodden and Christa Keller. He is the youngest of the three children of the Stoden family.

Courtney Stodden was raised in the city of Ocean Shore in Washington. He went to a high school there but got out of it to make a career in modeling. Stodden fought Miss Ocean shores and represented the city in the Miss Washington competition. She went to act in movies and appeared in reality, TV shows and music videos. Courtney Stodden married Doug Hutchinson, an actor of the fame of X-file. His marriage attracted many controversies because Courtney was only 16 years old at that time. Marriage was canceled with the consent of Courtney’s parents. Since then, he has been in a relationship with Doug and divorced him once and then reconciles later. Currently, it has been reported that Courtney Stodden has filed for divorce in March 2018 with Doug Hutchinson.


Courtney Stodden started modeling at an early age. He contested the election of Ocean Shores Beauty Pageant in 2009 and won it. She went to participate in Miss Washington competition.

After marrying Doug, she appeared in Reality TV Show Coupled Therapy with her husband. Later, he was also given a job as a housewife in Celebrity Big Brother Show. He has also appeared on various TV channels like Good Morning America for the interview.

Courtney Stodden appeared in the 50 cents music video in 2014. He also starred in the film Love Addict in 2016. She appears in the reality TV show with the latest Hollywood hill films.

So far, she has appeared in nine TV shows and four music videos. He has also released some single tracks.

Courtney is a vegetarian by choice and has chosen this particular diet with her love for animals. In order to create awareness among people about animal rights, they have also been selected as National Spokesperson of PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) of Animal Workers.

Awards and achievements

Courtney Stoden gained national fame at an early age. Apart from his marriage, who brought him to public headlines, he has got recognition as a model and actor. Courtney Stoden won the Miss Ocean shores title in 2009. Courtney Stoden is also the winner of the Hollywood Babel-On, 2012 Chelsea Award.

Courtney Stodden Net Worth

2016$400 thousand
2017 $450 thousand
2018$500 thousand
2019$550 thousand

Courtney Stodden net worth is $500 thousand through its modeling assignments, films and TV shows. Courtney has also earned from selling albums and songs, especially Mistleto bikini and asphalt. Recently it was reported that he has also signed a celebrity dating site which pays him to go out on dates. Courtney Stodden is a young starlet, who achieved a celebrity status at an early age. Despite the problems of his ongoing relationship, he managed to stay above all this and concentrate on his music career and manage his financial affairs.