Ellie Kemper Net Worth

Ellie Kemper Net Worth

Ellie Kemper’s claim of fame was his role in the comedy series, “The Office” was broadcast on NBC. She is very vocal in the form of a mother (who bEllieeves in making a balance between career and parenting) and has earned a reputation for it. He is also known for his memorable roles in various films.


NameElizabeth Claire Kemper
Date of birthMay 2, 1980

Early life

Ellie Kemper’s father, David Woods Kemper, was the chairman and CEO of Commerce Bankers, a bank holding company founded by members of Kemper’s family a few times ago. His maternal ancestors were Italian, although he is in English with his father. Even he has a French and German lineage. Although her birthplace was Kansas, Missouri, she had to go to St. Louis, while she was five years old.

At the primary level, she studied at Conway School located in Ladu’s posh suburban area. And later he went to John Burroughs High School. It is in their high school days that they developed interest in theater and acting. At this stage, he got an opportunity to appear in the school play with actor John Hmm, who was one of the teachers at the institute. After high school, he received a degree in English from Princeton University.

During his first year at Princeton, he played in the hockey team, which also reached the national competition that year. In 2012, Ellie Kemper married her lover Michael Comman. His first child was, in 2016, James.


Ely Kemper’s career started almost when she was in Princeton. During this time he was active in different kind of comedy comedy. He was allegedly involved with Quiffer, a very old stand-up in the comedy group based on Princeton and Princeton Triangle Club.

However, Ellie’s television career began with a commercial for Kmart. He started performing on the show, such as “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” He has also appeared and sketched in many comedy shows. In addition to the performance, he has been actively involved in writing. He has written various sketches, mostly with Scott Eckert, who is with Ally Kemper since his days in Princeton.

He has been published in some satirical newspapers, such as Onion, Mcc Sweeney and Huffington Post to name some. Ever since she moved to New York, she was involved with an honest civilian brigade. He has performed many shows and performances, including a women’s comedy show, “Dumb Girls”. It is during this time that he started exploring the opportunities provided by the internet. She started making comic videos for many online platforms and sites.

A video called “Blog Girl Girl” featuring her specialty as a college girl was viral. It was in 2009 that he auditioned for a role in “The Office” for which he was chosen. His outstanding performance became one of his best and critically acclaimed works; In fact, it was found in the Forbes list of the world’s top 10 comedians. He also appeared in the original Netflix series “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”.

Achievements and awards

Ellie Kemper has been nominated for many categories at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. He was also nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in the Comedy Series. Apart from this, he has won numerous awards, such as the Webb Award for Best Actress. He also won New York Film Critics Award for best dress.

Ellie Kemper Net Worth

2016$3 million
2017$3 million
2018$4 million
2019$4 million

Ellie Kemper Net Worth is $4 million. Much of this property is the result of his talent as an actress and comedian. Ally Kemper’s career has already seen tremendous successes, and in the future, she has a long way to go. He has discovered various forms of media and most of them are part of his success, so it is very likely that in the future, he will add to his fame and achievements.