WWE Summerslam: Top 5 matches from the pay-per-view (since 2000)


The thirty-first edition of SummerSlam is scheduled to take place this year at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Each year, this is the biggest PPV to happen after WrestleMania, and WWE leaves no stone unturned to make this event a memorable one for its fans.

Over the years, the “Biggest Party of the Summer” has featured a couple of great matches which burns down permanently in the memories of the wrestling fans. Considering the legacy of this event, WWE Universe expects nothing less from this year’s event.
The rise of the talents, intense rivalries, icon vs. icon matches; SummerSlam has seen it all. And by its side, the fans have witnessed it all.

Honouring the rich history of this mega event, here are the top 10 matches of this century which took place at SummerSlam.

#5 The Rock (c) vs. Brock Lesnar (2002)summerslam

Sixteen years ago, the man who is going to main-event this year’s event competed in his first ever SummerSlam match. The man who is presently known as the “Beast Incarnate” was then famous as the “Next Big Thing”.

The young rookie, Brock Lesnar, won the King of the Ring tournament (2002) and earned himself the right to compete for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. A month later, the Rock won the WWE Championship for the record seventh time at Vengeance when he defeated the Undertaker and Kurt Angle in a Triple Threat match.

The main event was a slobber knocker from the get-go. The crowd erupted as the reigning champion sprinted from the entrance to the ring and started the match with heavy blows. However, in a matter of seconds, Lesnar countered it with a belly-to-belly suplex and let the world know that he wasn’t an underdog in the match.

The intense match went over fifteen minutes and ended when the challenger countered the Rock Bottom with a thunderous F-5 to become the (then) youngest WWE Champion.

#4 The Undertaker vs. Edge (2008)


Several months preceding this match, the Undertaker was compelled to leave WWE following his misfortune against Edge at One Night Stand (2008). The storyline ran its course and the Undertaker was reestablished to confront the Edge, also, inside Hell in a Cell.

The enemies were never going to budge on shredding each other, and they took the battle outside the cell to do likewise. “A definitive Opportunist” skewered the “Deadman” through the communicate table, who thusly gag hammered him through two tables.

The match continued for about 30 minutes and finished when the “Phenom” got the triumph after he conveyed his mark Tombstone Piledriver. Be that as it may, he additionally gag hammered Edge through the ring and the flares from damnation inundated the body of the Rated-R Superstar, which denoted the finish of this epic competition.

#3 Team WWE vs. the Nexus (2010)


In 2010, WWE appeared the idea of NXT to support the future Superstars. The season 1 featured with any semblance of Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, Skip Sheffield (Ryback), and some more.

Be that as it may, things went south after the finish of the debut season. The whole pack of NXT Superstars executed an antagonistic takeover on Raw under the initiative of the season’s victor, Wade Barrett. They assaulted the Superstars, bolster staff, security and torn down the whole ring.

Following two months, the Nexus confronted the group WWE in a seven-on-seven disposal label group coordinate. Bryan took an exemption deeply estimations of Nexus and joined group WWE. Group WWE highlighted any semblance of John Cena, Edge, Chris Jericho, Bret Hart, and they went ahead to win the match.

#2 Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena (2014)


The match went over 16 minutes and went down as one of the worst beatings which the “Leader of the Cenation” took in his entire career. The “Beast Incarnate” executed two F-5s and won the championship.

#1 Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels (2002)

One of the most brutal match in the history of SummerSlam.

These two Superstars were the best of companions until the point that Triple H fiercely assaulted Shawn Michaels in the parking area in 2002. The “Diversion” viewed his previous companion as “powerless” and specified him to be the reason which held him down.

The “Heart Break Kid” made his in-ring return in the wake of five monotonous years against his closest companion in a Non-Sanctioned match. The feelings which were conveyed by both the Superstars were second just to the power with which the match was challenged.

These two utilized truly utilized everything to hurt each other. Stepping stools, steel seat, refuse jars, cowhide belts, calfskin shoes, nothing was left unused. The match finished when the returning Superstar could pick up a pinfall triumph on account of a brisk move up.

Be that as it may, the “Cerebral Assassin” was enraged at the result of the match and hit his rivals twice with a heavy hammer. Accordingly, the casualty was completed on a stretcher regardless of winning the match.