Charles Woodson Net Worth

Charles Woodson Net Worth

Charles Woodson Net Worth is $15 Million. Charles Cameron Woodson is an American based football player. During his amateur football career, he took his team to the national championship. In 1997, he won the Hezman Trophy. He could play crime and defense at the same time. Woodson was elected as the year’s NFL defensive stopper. Woodson received All-Pro recognition three times in his career. In 2006, Woodson signed a $ 52 million contract with Green Bay Packers.

He later won the Super Bowl XLV while playing for the same team. In the 2009 NFL season, he won the AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year. He played Pro Bowl for three decades and therefore he is counted as one of the few players who played it for three decades. Charles Woodson Net Worth is $15 million.

Charles Woodson Important Information

NameCharles Cameron Woodson
Date of birth October 7, 1976
ProfessionFootball Player

Early life

Charles Woodson was born on October 7, 1976 in Foromont, Ohio. In his final year at Ross High School, he was known as Ohio “Mr. Football, he finished his school football career with extraordinary figures with 3,861 yards and scored 466. Later Woodson went to the University of Michigan Where he played under the guidance of Lloyd Carr for the Michigan Wolverine football team.

In 1997, Woodson won the Hezmann Trophy and was the third male to do so. In his entire college, Woodson was popular for his big gaming potential. Woodson was extraordinary in his game, and his techniques were amazing.


Woodson started his career at school level and later became a professional player. They also have a fantastic amateur career as well as professional careers. In 1998, he made a binding with the Oakland Raiders until 2005. Woodson approved all eligibility criteria for the Oakland attackers and became their fourth choice.

Woodson played a lot of games for the Oakland Raiders. He later joined Green Bay Packers in 2006 and joined his team until 2012. They were bought by Green Bay Packers for $ 52.7 million for seven years. If he can make in Pro Bowl, he will earn an additional $ 3 million. He made a statement that he was never interested in playing for Green Bay Packers, but he had no choice because Green Bay Packers were the only team that gave them opportunities.

When he started playing for Green Bay Packers, he was free of injuries and established himself a record of eight interventions in a session. During his career, he played for various teams and performed exceptionally well.

Awards and achievements

Woodson won Hezman Trophy in 1979, All-Pro 2011, 2010, 2009, Woodson was honored with Associated Press NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award 2009, College Football All-America Team in 1997. . In the same year, he won the Jim Thorpe Award, Walter Camp Award, Bronco Nagarsky Trophy, Chuck Bidenick Award, Chicago Tribune Silver Football, Chicago Tribune Silver Football, Chic Harley Award Recently, Woodson won an Art Rooney Award in 2016.

Charles Wudson Net Worth

2016$11 Million
2017$13 million
2018$15 Million

Charles Woodson has been a great player. He played for many teams, and his salary was very high, and at present, his salary is $ 3.4 million, and Woodson’s $ 15 million is a wonderful value. Woodson has been excellent in his game and therefore he deserves to pay a lot. He earns a lot through his career in the NFL.

Charles Woodson was born in Fromont, Ohio. He started his career at the school level and then in college football and later received various offers from the best teams. They have a wonderful NFL career. Currently, he has signed a seven-year contract for which he was paid a huge amount of $ 52 million. Woodson is known for his amazing game.