Damien Ritter Net Worth


Damien Ritter Net Worth

Damien Ritter is a very famous hip-hop rapper who holds American citizenship.Damien Ritter Net Worth is $4.5 million. He is the owner, as well as the co-creator of a record label with the name Funk Volume. Together with his friend and partner, Hopsin, they were able to create the Funk Volume Record label. They have been able to sign musical contracts with lot of hip-hop musicians.

Among the artists, they include Swizz, Dizzy Wright, and Jarren Benton. They have also been able to work with few producers. Among the producers with whom they have been able to work include DJ Hoppa and Kato.

Damien Ritter Important Information

NameDamien Ritter
Date of birthnot available

Early life

Damien got a degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Here, he became important in business. He has brilliant business abilities and a very innovative mind. He always had the ambition to create a company. This is what pushed him to be able to join an MBA degree. He has also completed a related master’s degree at Stanford University.

Damien Ritter Net Worth

2016$4.3 million
2017$4.5 million
2018$4.5 million