Emily Fernandez Net Worth

Emily Fernandez Net Worth

Emily Fernandez is also known by her surname, “Right Check” is an artist of “Little Women: Dallas”.Emily Fernandez Net Worth is $400 thousand. Prior to working on this show, he was inducted into “Little Women: Atlanta”.

Emily Fernandez Important Information

NameEmily Fernandez
Date of birthJune 30, 1992

Early life

On June 30, 1992, Emily Fernandez came into this world with a special status of dwarf religion. She was born in Pennsylvania, United States and when she was just a baby, her biological parents gave her to adopt. As it is said in some situations, the actual pain of a person can be understood only by those who have passed that exact or at least equal condition, Emily was adopted by dwarf couples. Their adopted sister shares the condition of the family. Emily was warmly welcomed in her new family, but unfortunately, her adoptive mother died when she was only sixteen.

Emily Fernandez is the daughter of Eva, whose details are not known. Unlike his mother, Eva is not a dwarf. After the birth of Eva, Emily fell in love with a person who, at that time, was less than her TV career and more than her criminal record. His name is Lontel Järer Johnson, and he has been found guilty in several criminal cases like theft and physical assault. After having been in a 3 year relationship, Emily and Lontell gave birth to a boy in April 2016. His name was Lontell JJ Johnson Jr., and like his mother, he was also born with dwarfism.

Due to serious health problems, JJ died when it was only 3 months old, an incident left the crashing and heart-broken headlot to decide that she did not want to take any more children. Was there. However, due to Emily’s request, she was ready to go to IVF for the birth of her next child. Emily went through two surgeries, but unfortunately both surgery failed. Currently, Emily is happy with her only daughter, Eva.

Emily Fernandez was initially a club dancer with her friend BR Barup. Both appear in the music video of “Da Wop” by rapper Lil Chucky. Emily (right cheek) with Brī (left cheek) then performed as a pair known as “The Cheek”. In 2016, Emily returned to her town to live with her family and joined “Little Women: Dallas”. In 2017, Emily recorded a song with “Lifetime” Dreads (a rapper). Since then, he has been in connection with Dreads with rumors. Emily has its official YouTube channel, which is called “OfficeCurrency”. Looking at the songs uploaded on this channel, it can be said that Emily is a famous singing figure. In 2017, Emily and Brar launched “Poppin” bottles, “Getty Rich” and “HD”. Poppin “Bottle” video that was posted on their YouTube channel, crossed 12 million views in just two months.

Awards and achievements

Rather than looking at your dwarfism with weakness, Emily Fernandez changed it to her chance. To date, he has worked in two American TV series that focus on the lives of dwarf women named “Little Women: Atlanta” and “Little Women: Dallas”. These series were released by Lifetime Network on 27 January 2016 and 2 November 2016. Respectively In recent times many reports show that after acting and singing, Emily is now also being sought by the dance community. Although according to Emily’s biography on Lifetime’s website, there is no formal award in her name till date, it is known that Emily is considered as the most talented member of the group on the set of “Little Women: Dallas”.

Emily Fernandez Net Worth

2016$380 Thousand
2017$400 Thousand
2018$400 Thousand

Emily Fernandez’s net worth is $ 400 thousand. This amount can be small for a celebrity, but we must know that Emily is currently only 26 years old and her career has just begun. Most of his earnings comes from the TV show. He also earns through his live performance.

Emily Fernandez is such a figure that, despite her physical anomaly, is the source of inspiration for many people. She is a clear woman with her own mind. With his interviews, it can be said that no one can always agree with him, but he speaks the truth and does not care about the decisions of the society.