G Herbo Net Worth

G Herbo Net Worth

G. Herbo is an American songwriter and rapper hailing from Chicago, Illinois. She is a great wrapper in which the set of music has a great impact on the lives of people. He recently changed his stage name and made some great music. G Herbo Net Worth is $2.5 Million.

G Herbo Important Information

NameG. Herbo
Date of birthOctober 8, 1995

Early life

Herbert Wright III, identified by the name of Libert Herb, changed the name of his stage to Jee Herb, with whom he is known now. He was born on October 8, 1995 in Chicago, Illinois. They were brought to different areas in an area with many illegal and violent activities.

Since his early age, he has been under the influence of rappers and is inspired by Stiles P, Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Chief Keif, Lil Wayne. He grew up with an old friend who has collaborated with him on many occasions named Lil Bibbi, who is also a great man with a lot of skill.

Both of them were related to the NLM gang in the past, who pointed to Never Live My Brother and they were of brother-in-law. It was a merger of two gangs and was famous for creating violence in the area.

Although he came out of it and is currently a full time wrapper, where he made some record breaking songs with himself and in cooperation.


He started his musical career when he collaborated with Leal Bobby on the title of Kill Shit. It has around 15 million views. They made singles like No Limit, Pull Up, Red Snow, Strictly 4 My Fans and everything else.

They made Mixtaps Welcome to Fazoland, Pistol P Project, Billting Like I’m Kobe. He has a lot of contribution in Free Crack Part 1, 2 and 3. That’s why he got a place in the special video as a special guest.

Most of his songs collaborate with Lil Bibbie, and it brings both of them to the stairs of fame. He collaborated with Nicky Minaj in Chirak and Des Assigne along with Sean Kingston. He performed with No Hook along with Dave East and Don Q. His first album Wellcome to Fazoland was made on his recently deceased friend.

This year he made the sequel version. He also made a studio album named Humble Beast this year, and he made the EP with the new Strictly 4 My Fans 2, which is also the sequel of his last Mixtape album. He is gaining grounds in the music industry and is bound for higher growth.

Awards and achievements

His songs have been on the list of Billboard Top 100 songs and have made the place in many international playlists around the world. It has created a position for him in the music industry. He has collaborated with great singers like Nicky Minaj. They also made a great kickstart on the Mixtape platform.

G Herbo Net Worth

2016$1.5 million
2017$2 million
2018$2.5 million
2019$2.5 million

G Herbo Net Worth is 2.5 Million. Since he had left behind the dark streets of his life, he has made several hit albums and singles, who have hit all types of people and earn a lot of money at the box office. This reduced its total money to $ 1 million. He has made such a huge asset in a short time, which could only be possible because the skill of working with them is very much in comparison to the audience.

Lil Herb.k.a. G Herbo Rap is one of the new names in the music industry, which has brought such great songs that are internationally renowned. He has also created and collaborated on several rap singles and music albums, where he received praise from the audience. Like his inspiration, in the closest future, such talent is ready to set higher in the music industry.