Imaqtpie Net Worth

Imaqtpie Net Worth

Imaki is a renowned professional gamer from the United States who played for Team Oh Gods Beer. He has also played for many other teams and has won Flipers 360 Lan Tournament. Imagippis are known to play ‘League of Legends’ and are known for their popular catchfreeze. He is also known for his corky play and enthusiastic personality. Initially, he did not want to play professionally but left the idea later. Imaqtpie net worth is $ 1.3 million.

Imaqtpie Important Information

NameMichael Santana
Date of birthFebruary 21, 1992

Early Life

Michael Santana, known as “Imaqtpie”, was born on February 21, 1992 in Florida. He grew up in Florida and belongs to the Colombian-Cuban descent.

He was named “Imaqtpie” by his mother and did not know about the details of his schooling. She lives in Margate, Florida.

Michael Santana is not married, but she has a girlfriend. The professional league of the legend player is dating Lisa, who is also a professional gamer. When he was playing for Team Dignitas, he was known in association with Curtis Ling.

The style of his style is considered as mentally challenging. Initially, he used to play in the midline but later he used to switch to take Eddie.


Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana initially wanted to not play a competitive game. When he was 19, he became a professional gamer and the team became a member of ‘Oh God Bears’. He was with the team until April 2011.

After departing from ‘Oh God Bears’, the Emacs team became a member of ‘Rock Solid’. He was asked to join Lanner Voiboy as an option, as Voyboy had to continue his studies. In September 2011, he joined another popular team called ‘Team Digignas’. A month later, his team won IGN Prolag Season 3 – Atlantic City.

In 2012, Team Digignas won the Curse Award Final. In the IEM Season VI – World Championship 2012, the team was declared runner-up and the IPL Elite was able to win the NA’s title.

Then their team remained third in the MLG Winter Championship International Exhibition. The team also won the IPL Elite NA by defeating Team Dynamic After this, they proceeded to beat MTW North America in Solomaid NA Invitation 5.

Imaqtpie left team dignitas in October 2014 and took a difference from professional gaming. He made his strong comeback and became a part of Team Delta Fox in May 2017. In his return, he remained sixth in the NACS Summer Program in 2017. In November 2017, his team was announced as a runner-up in TCS Fall 2017.

Awards and achievements

In 2016, at the Espresso Industry Awards, Imagie won the award for the year’s streamer. He is the prevailing Champion of Flippers 360 Lan Tournament. As a professional gamer, he has successfully competed in several tournaments and won the IGN Pro League in 2011.

Imaqtpie Net Worth

2016$1.2 Million
2017$1.5 million
2018$1.3 million

Imaqtpie net worth is $ 1.3 million. He has been successful as a professional gamer and has gone to participate in many programs. He has also played for many teams in his long career. In addition, he streams video to YouTube and gets more than 1.4 million subscribers. He also appeared in an episode of the television series ‘Reflections’ in 2013. They have earned more than $ 31,000 from participating in various programs.

Imaqtpie is a standout amongst the most well known professional gamers on the planet. He has been active in his career since very young age. He has won many titles and has joined 21 different tournaments. Imacety is a popular name in the gaming industry and the team is also played for ‘complexity’.