Reynad Net Worth

Reynad Net Worth

Reynad is an American professional gamer who is best known as the ‘Harthstone’ player.
Reynad Net Worth is $45 Million. Reynad is also actively involved in the form of a twitch TV streamer and also includes the owner of an association organization named Tempo storm. Reynad is also known by his birth name ‘Andree Yanyuk’. In addition to being a popular gamer, Renad is also an expert in business card games as ‘Magic: The Gathering’ and is also a great poker player. Therefore, Reynad is an emerging and leading player in the Heartstone game, where he has used the game’s creativity and logical technique every time.

Reynad Important Information

Date of birth27 January 1991

Early life

Reynad was born on 27 January 1991 in Ukraine with his mother and sister. At the age of 6, Reyne moved to Minnesota with his mother and sister. As an early teen, Reynad had a keen interest in video games and often played with his friend and neighbor video game. His keen interest in various types of video games has inspired him to pursue a career as a game developer. Originally, Reynad was born in the name of Andree Yanyuk.

At the age of 15, Reynad reviewed his original location Ukraine and was associated with the new game as ‘Magic: The Gathering’. After all, Reynad became quite accustomed to this trading card game. After returning to the U.S., Reynad was so deeply attached to the game that he started leaving his or her class and was often seen in the card store playing the game. Due to their low credit in school, Reynad had to leave his school and study.


In 2012, Reynad joined the business card game as Magic, where he discovered Twitch.TTV and started his own streaming magic. This Renad became an expert in winning with the highest score. Reynad plays actively in the form of a fearless and strong contender for other rival players. There was a huge financial crisis to support playing his game, and in this way he worked part-time as a delivery driver in Jimmy John to support his revenue crisis. In the meantime, Raynad was found guilty of fraud and dishonesty in winning the game by improper means. Thus, Renad was banned from the magic community.

Sometimes, afterwards, Reynad faced some difficulties with the magicians of the coast, and thus turned them into streaming to Hathstone, respectively. Over time, the pressure to build firmly, and it is to leave his part-time job as a delivery driver and to do full-time streaming.

In 2017, Reynad founded his dream project, which is an esports organization called ‘Tempo Hurricane’. Initially, it was made in small numbers, and later it expanded with other types of ‘Super Smash Brothers’, ‘Overwatch’ and ‘Heroes of the Storm’. As time went by, Renad focused his whole mind on his organization rather than other professional competitions.

Awards and achievements

Reynad’s outstanding performance as a gaming player has nominated himself for the ‘Golden Joystick Award’.

In 2016, Reynad ranked third in ‘Seoul Cup World Investment’.

In 2015, Reynad took the second place in the ‘Legendary Series Season 2’ and also organized the first place in the ‘Battle of the Best Invitation’.

Reynad Net Worth

2016$44 Million
2017$45 million
2018$45 million

Reynad Net Worth is $45 Million. Being a professional gamer has its own expense, and this millennium boy has made it big by entering the 30-year-old Forbes list. From roaming on America’s streets and earning money from poker, magic cards etc., Renad has come far away; Currently, he is the owner of Esprortes Tempo Hurricane Organization. He is the owner of teams in games including Hearston, Hurricane heroes and overwatch. The net worth of their company, Espramps tempo sports organization, is $ 45 million.

The 26-year-old American boy’s spectacular journey is not less than a miracle, which is possible for his unquestioned thirst for knowledge and his unexpected way of life.