Scott Pippen Net Worth

Scott Pippen Net Worth

American basketball player Scotty Pippen. Scott Pippen net worth is $50 million. People still remember them for their impressive athletic capabilities since their basketball years for Chicago Bulls and Seattle Supersonics. She is popularly known as Pip.

Scott Pippen Important Information

NameScottie Maurice Pippen 
Date of birthSeptember 25, 1965
ProfessionBasketball player

Early life

Scotty was born in Hamburg, Arkansas, on September 25, 1965. He is the youngest of his 12 siblings for parents Aitel and Preston Pippen. The height of both their parents was 6 feet or more, thus giving them a higher height. Scotty was the longest in all of his siblings.

Scotty did his schooling at Hamburg High School and played there as a point guard. It was their reason that the team attained qualification till the playoffs. This helped him win all the convention honors as his senior but still did not get the college scholarship. Scotty was from a poor family, and his father did not have the money to send the college, he went to Central Arkansas University in some way and started playing his college there.

He saw his university’s main coach but failed to get recognition because the school was played only in NAIA. With a sudden increase in the height of 6’8 and consistent improvement in performance, he became a major player at the Inter-College Conference in Arkansas, and was drawing further attention from fellow NBA scouts.

Scotty married twice in his life, Karen Mac Column in the first year in 1988 and then for Lars Greece in 1997. He divorced his first wife in 1990. From his second marriage, Scotty has four children. Sofia, Justin, Preston, and Scotty Jr. Pippen. There are children outside of Scotty’s marriage, a daughter Sierra, with her ex-fiancé, and another daughter Taylor with a former girlfriend.


Scotty finally got an opportunity to become part of NBA with Seattle Supersonics, who chose to join the team in 1987. He was later traded with the second team, Chicago Bulls, where he had the greatest chance of playing his life with legendary Michael Jordan. Before going to Jordan for retirement in 1993, Scotty got a big break. Together they were not able to take the team at just one champion level, but they also made cynical for the worldwide popularity and NBA.

After playing for the Bulls for 11 seasons, Scotty was further traded with the second team Houston Rockets, it did not last long, and again the second team was trading with Portland Trail Blazer. Before Jordan’s retirement, Scotty once again joined the Bulls, but immediately after announcing his retirement in 1993.

Five years after he retired from basketball, he returned as a team ambassador and he was appointed in 2012 as Senior Advisor to the COO and President of Chicago Bulls. In the meantime, he is making a lot of money for many major brands.

Awards and achievements

During his NBA career, Scotty is full of rewards; He was considered as the smallest of the longest. He has been nominated eight times in the ‘NBA All-Defensive First Team’ and three times for the ‘All-NBA First Team’. He has been ‘NBA All-Star’ seven times, and his title also was ‘NBA All-Star Game MVP’ in the year 1994. He has also been nominated for ‘The 50 Greatest Players in NBA History’ for the year 1992-9-7. He is the only NBA player to win the NBA title with the Olympic Gold in the same year, he also twice.

Scott Pippen Net Worth

2016 $50 million
2017 $50 million
2018 $50 million

Scotty is one of those players who made him big for himself in the world of the game. After years of playing for NBA and doing many commercials. Scott Pippen net worth is $50 million.

Scotty has been a determined and dedicated sports person throughout his life. He came into the early game in life and defeated all the obstacles to reach today, all this is inspiration for us.