Trisha Paytas Net worth

Trisha Paytas Net worth

Trisha Paytas is a famous American internet-breed star and upcoming singer-songwriter and actress. Despite coming from a non-entertainment background and working toward scratch, Trisha has appeared in over 45 television shows and numerous music videos for famous artists, such as Eminem and Amy Winehouse among others.Trisha Paytas Net worth is approximately $4 million.

Under his belt, he also has nearly 7 well-received EPs and was recently included in the top favorite contestant in the 20th season of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in 2017.

Trisha Paytas Important Information

NameTrisha Pattas
Date of birthMay 8, 1988
ProfessionSinger and Actress

Early life

Trisha Paytas is from Riverside, California where she was born with Frank and Lena Petas, when she was only at the age of 3 years old. He then moved to his mother in the city of Freeport in Illinois. Her father has a small half brother in favor of her.

Trisha Paytas completed her schooling with Pecotonica before moving on the basis of Los Angeles in hopes of realizing her long dream of becoming an actress. Conflicts and difficulties in Los Angeles prompted him to work as an additional, escort and stripper to survive before meeting YouTube in 2006, which changed his life well.


In 2006, Trisha Paytas made her first YouTube channel ‘Blends Condole 4 MJ’ to make her famous and loving, where she initially uploaded videos dedicated to her favorite filmmaker Quantin Tarantino, followed by some music related videos related to fashion Before finally settling on the video, relationship and beauty advice. The success of his first channel encouraged him to create his second YouTube channel named ‘Trisha Patas’ in 2014, where he began uploading personal, comedic and challenging vlogs. By 2017, his video has more than 1 billion views, making him a celebrated internet personality.

Trisha Paytas’s television career started her first YouTube channel when she appeared in the first session of a talk show called ‘The Greg Behrend Show’ as Greg Behrand’s chief correspondent. Since then, Trisha Pattas has been a part of various television shows, such as ‘Who Wants To Be A Superhero’, ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, ‘Jane Bye Design’, ‘My Strong Addiction’, Dr. Phil, ‘Modern Family’, ‘To Tell The Truth’ and ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ among others.

Trisha Paytas attempted with the music world in 2009, when she appeared in Eminem’s hit single ‘We Made You’ in the music video. After this there was a string of attendance on various music videos of some famous artists such as Fame Johnson, Barbwire and Amy Winehouse. He also portrayed music among popular bands, among other people like ‘Guns N’ Roses’, ‘Les Sevi Fav’ and ‘The All-American Rejects’.

In 2014, Trisha Paytas started singing with a singing, after which the music video of ‘Satta Baby’ of the meaning kit received both well on her channel. The following year, the music video of the cult Elvis Presley song ‘A Little Come Conversation’ was released. After that, she went to release her music video for the same year, titled ‘Fat Chicks’, ‘Superfish Beech’ and ‘Leonardo Di Caprio’. Although all of their EPs were received with due appreciation, but it was their 4th EP, named ‘Daddy Issues’, which came in 2016, which brought them to the Billboard charts for the first time in their careers. After that, they followed success with the 2 and EP, called ‘Showtime’ and ‘Chicken Fingers and Lipo’, released in 2016 and 2017.

Trisha Paytas has two short films ‘Viral Video’ and ‘Viral Video 2’, which she has co-produced, and under her films there are various films like ‘Faster’, ‘Vendrelast’ and ‘Water and Power’. Trisha Paytas Net worth is approximately $4 million.

Trisha Paytas Net worth

2017$2.5 Million
2018$3 million
2019$4 million

Trisha Paytas Net worth is approximately $4 million. In addition to his rewarding career as a singer, actress and a UUD, Trisha Paytas has an aroma line called ‘Trish’ and is a support deal with popular mobile game ‘Line Play’ for which she also made music videos and songs. Credit is

The power of internet celebrities such as Trisha Paytas is rapidly increasing in sync with various technological advances, which is effectively presenting the world with new ways of entertainment worldwide. Therefore, its future is definitely bright and it is bound to increase its wealth.